Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Snow-guessing Contest!

ALSO! I herewith announce the first annual Snow Guessing Contest. This is a game my family likes to play. Pick the date you think the first flurry of snow will fall and write it in the comments section below. If your guess falls nearest the anticipated day, you win a free Big Snow block print in addition to a signed book! See below for rules, bylaws and other contest minutia.

1.) The  day of "first flurry" shall be the day Jonathan Bean (hereafter, "author") spots flurries. The author cannot vouch for the claims and/or hallucination of contest players (hereafter, "you/your").

2.) The author shall stay in the general mid-atlanic region during the duration of the contest. Though tempting, the author will not make a trip to the arctic simply to make a laughing stock of your guesses.

3.) You may consult past meteorological data, particularly if not familiar with weather patterns of the mid-atlantic, so your guess is not a joke.

4.) If your guess is a duplicate of another's guess, it will not count. Please review prior guesses and choose wisely.

5.) All guesses must be made before October 15th.


  1. Hi Jonathan! You should have some Purchase links somewhere!

  2. Good morning, Johathan. I am thinking our winter is going to be colder with much more snow than usual. My guess is you will see snowflakes fall around Thanksgiving this year.

  3. PS I am truly sorry about the misspelling of your name. My mind and fingers sometimes are not in agreement.

  4. November 26th
    love The Apple Pie that Papa Baked

  5. Love this game! Nov. 15th. :) What a fabulous looking book!