Friday, December 20, 2013

Big Snow at Bank Street

NYC friends, need a break from the Christmas hustle and bustle? Stop by Bank Street Bookstore tomorrow, browse their great selection and listen to me read BIG SNOW and converse with puppets!

Monday, December 16, 2013

3rd in the Burg

Need a last-minute gift? Stop by my studio this Friday, Dec 20th, where I'll have books and prints for sale. Also, The Steps Shown gallery will display my illustrations for Lauren Thompson's Christmas story, One Starry Night. Spiced cider and coloring pages included!

3rd in the Burg
Friday, December 20th, 6-9pm.
1320 North 3rd Street, 3rd Floor 
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Snow-guessing Contest!

ALSO! I herewith announce the first annual Snow Guessing Contest. This is a game my family likes to play. Pick the date you think the first flurry of snow will fall and write it in the comments section below. If your guess falls nearest the anticipated day, you win a free Big Snow block print in addition to a signed book! See below for rules, bylaws and other contest minutia.

1.) The  day of "first flurry" shall be the day Jonathan Bean (hereafter, "author") spots flurries. The author cannot vouch for the claims and/or hallucination of contest players (hereafter, "you/your").

2.) The author shall stay in the general mid-atlanic region during the duration of the contest. Though tempting, the author will not make a trip to the arctic simply to make a laughing stock of your guesses.

3.) You may consult past meteorological data, particularly if not familiar with weather patterns of the mid-atlantic, so your guess is not a joke.

4.) If your guess is a duplicate of another's guess, it will not count. Please review prior guesses and choose wisely.

5.) All guesses must be made before October 15th.

Big Snow Commemorative Print

In continuation of a tradition that began with Building Our House, I am now offering a new linoleum block print featuring the hopeful hero of Big Snow. It's available for sale at my shop on Etsy or in person, if you should have the misfortune.


It's official. My latest picture book, Big Snow, is available for purchase!