Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Signing and Open House

A great, huge, massive, stupendously giant THANK YOU to those who came from near and far (Baltimore, Harrisburg, NYC!) overflowed the bookstore and house and made an evening unforgettable!

The owners of Firefly prepared the store beautifully for the event.

Building Our House coloring pages!

The official map to my parent's home.

Apple tree moons. . .

. . . and luminaries. 

Spiced cider warms.

Illustrated food?

My editor, Wesley Adams, gave a moving speech.

Steve Fieser plays one of his Ragtime compositions. 

Conversation and dancing!

My father and friends talk house construction.

The cider inspires some unsanctioned villainous laughter. 


  1. I just read "Building Our House" to my two young children, and a few pages in I realized with delight that I knew this story almost by heart - or at least one strikingly similar to it. My own parents built a house in rural Alabama (theirs is underground) in the late 70s/early 80s through most of my young childhood. Almost every incident you described was familiar to me - from helping collect rocks in an adjacent pasture, to playing under a wheelbarrow, to the gathering of friends and grandparents for the biggest jobs. We also lived in a trailer on the property and my mom was even pregnant during some of that time with my brother. Thanks for telling "my" story to my kids in a much better way than I could ever have. You have found a loyal fan.

  2. Hello Terra, Thank you for your very nice note. I've heard from other house-builders who have reported similar experiences growing up. It's funny how kids seem to have universal ways of turning a construction site into a playground. I'm very happy you can enjoy the story with your children!