Monday, December 17, 2012

It's that time of the month, time for 3rd in the Burg. Join me this week as I unveil work from my most recent book Building Our House. This story is based on my parent's own house-building adventure and will hit the shelves on January 8th. This Friday, get a sneak peak at the original paintings and sketches along side an advance copy of the book on display in The Steps Shown gallery. As always, there will be an activity for children along with light refreshments that, this month, includes Belgian hot chocolate!

Bean Illustration
1320 North 3rd Street, Apt 3 
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Open Studio: Friday, Decemeber 21, 6-9pm

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  1. This picture is lovely. Could we print this picture on our local church invitation card? We are so eager to have your permission!
    Hsin-Lun (Isaac) Kao